(JUNE 2022)



Not so often, but still regularly, we went out to harinam. We would single out a bigger one, when we distributed 111 books of Srila Prabhupada one Saturday evening.

In June we distributed about 1,200 transcendental books of Srila Prabhupada.


On the auspicious day of Nirjala Ekadasi, several devotees from and outside the temple spent together a spiritually intensive full-day program chanting 64 rounds, listening to thematic lectures and at the end arranged a harinam in the city in which about 15 devotees participated.


The long-awaited, our biggest capital project since the construction of the temple itself, has just been completed!

You can see the progress of the works in the photos below:

How it looked before and how it looks now:

Thank you to all the devotees and well-wishers for their participation, but also for their patience. The response exceeded all our expectations! Thanks to you, soon all temple visitors will be able to drive their vehicles to Sri Sri Gaura Nitai peacefully and safely.


Forced by various circumstances, in just the last two years, we moved books from the central warehouse to a new address twice. In addition to the fact that such moving actions are expensive in themselves, and the prices for renting storage space are constantly increasing, we have discovered one big and unfair illogicality. Namely, the cost of storing almost half of the total of 50,000 BOOKS exceeds their purchase price. This situation has been going on for 10 TO 15 YEARS! These are high-quality and spiritually powerful titles such as Nectar of Devotion, Krsna book and Prabhupada lilamrta, which not only "collect dust" all this time, but also suffer various damages when they are transferred from one warehouse to another.

From a printing point of view, these are all editions with a large number of pages and good binding and hard covers, which makes them simply too expensive for the current spending power of the average citizen. Because of this, our sankirtan devotees prefer to distribute smaller and cheaper books which are as such more accessible to people. In addition, it is our desire to print NEW AND NECESSARY TITLES of Srila Prabhupada's books for mass distribution, which will not be possible until we solve the above problem.

The BBT office and the Zagreb temple came up with the idea of putting the distribution of these large, high-quality and spiritually powerful books on a "rocket drive". Since books are currently being distributed very well on Nova Jaladuta (an average of 200-250 BOOKS / WEEK), we would like to take advantage of this enthusiasm and further increase it by lowering the prices of large books, so that our sankirtan devotees can distribute them more easily without "price pressure" on the street. With your help, we could jointly share in just a few months exactly those books that were considered impossible to share in the last 10 to 15 years.

You can help by paying REGULAR OR OCCASIONAL DONATIONS to the bank account of the national BBT marked "Campaign".

Account number: HR4623400091510563523

Account holder: "Međunarodno društvo za svjesnost Krišne u Republici Hrvatskoj, BBT "

We will regularly inform you about payments and the number of books distributed.

Contact person: Devarsi Narada das, +385 913490702.


We remind you that you can also pay donations via Paypal, e-mail:

klub 108

Donations for the temple or for Club 108 can be paid at IBAN: HR1123400091110102369.

kapitalni projekti

Donations for capital projects can be paid to IBAN: HR5623400091510955126.


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