(OCTOBER 2021)



After a series of negative media articles about the Hare Krishna movement, related to the unfortunate event within a religious organization in Pula, which shares similar roots with our organization, the Communications Committee of the ISKCON Croatia (Govindananda das, Isvara-puri das and Devarsi Narada das) reacted with a series of denials and by hosting many media houses in the temple in Bizek.

Devarsi Narada das made an amazing effort to inform as many journalists and editors of all media houses as possible about the press conference, which is planned in the temple.

Under the threat of the arrival of several buses full of our angry members from all over Croatia, who will protest against their lies and distorted truths with torches and loud singing in front of their newsrooms, Devarsi Narada managed to attract a large number of journalists to the temple. Thus, at that conference in the temple, we had five main media whose texts were transmitted in the following days by other media that did not attend the conference itself.

This stopped the damage to the reputation of the Srila Prabhupada movement, and interest in the concept of Hare Krishna increased, resulting in greater public interest and, naturally, more books distributed in the coming period.

A new, positive media turnaround could also be felt with the arrival of journalists from RTL television, whose work was, to say the least, correct.


After a long time, we started holding activities for the youngest in the temple again. Under the new concept, unlike the original, the emphasis is more on the lifestyle of children but also parents, which would mean living through the application of Hare Krishna teachings. This concept encourages and encourages children to attend all temple programs (including mangala-arati) and actively participate in them and perform practical services such as cleaning, kitchen help, making garlands, etc. It seems that for them it is all a real pleasure!

In addition to many ideas, and in connection with this project, one stands out, quite daring, and that is the work to include such an educational program in religious education classes, which would record the attendance of children attending school 'Sadhana Camp' in the temple as attending religious education subjects.

We hereby invite all parents, interested in the realization of this idea, but also sending their children to the temple, to contact the Devarsi Naradi das.


After a little over half a year we started again with regular kirtan evenings in the temple. The great response of many devotees confirmed that we all missed such programs and that they should continue to be held regularly, especially if we keep in mind that very often several completely "new" people appear in the temple on kirtan evenings.

Associating with the holy name in this way is good for everyone, so we invite you all to take part in this service. Everyone is welcome, because only in this way, united, can we enable evenings like this to become a practice, not an exception!


We regularly held Saturday harinams in Zagreb.

We would like to single out how one such harinam took place one Saturday right next to the Press conference of the Civil Protection Headquarters. Seeing Mrgendra prabhu, Minister Božinović addressed him gently, which he used to give him one of the sponsored Bhagavad Gita.

Another harinam launched a young man, Roko, straight into the temple for lunch and Gaura Arati.


This month, for the pleasure of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, in Zagreb and neighbouring Bosnia, we distributed about 1000 books of Srila Prabhupada!


We continued with the programs for young people that are regularly held in the temple and with our friends.


We continued with the cooking course in the temple. Krishna's future cooks were trained by Vaikuntha-murti das.


During this month we had the opportunity to attend the festival in Daruvar with Dviya-prabandha prabhu and his family, which was attended as guests by devotees from the Czech Republic, along with our Markandeya-rsi prabhu. This opportunity gave the opportunity to gather about seventy devotees from all parts of Croatia in a beautiful autumn farm environment.

We would also like to point out that the arrival of our guests from the Czech Republic did not stop there. Devotees always look at how they can serve the sankirtan mission. As there are several Czech villages near Daruvar, it was a perfect opportunity for visiting sanctuaries from the Czech Republic to continue their service in a foreign country. In a few days, they distributed about a hundred books by Srila Prabhupada in Czech.

In addition to all the above, we had the opportunity to attend go-puja at the festival by worshiping the cow in the way recommended - arati and kirtana.


In December, the famous ‘Live to give’ global campaign begins, which this year aims to distribute 2,200,000 Bhagavad-gita worldwide. We will also take part in the campaign, and you can help us now, in the following way. You can buy or sponsor the new edition of the Bhagavad-gita at the special promotional prices found on the poster below. So buy and share yourself or sponsor so we can share them on your behalf. Thanks to you, many of the sponsored Bhagavad-gita from last year’s campaign ended up in the good hands of famous and influential people in the region.


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