(JULY 2021)



Bhakta Matko and bhaktin Sandra (wife of Kala das) received their new, spiritual birth. Matko became Mrgendra das and Sandra Saridvara devi das. Such wonderful and powerful names are credited to their spiritual master, His Holiness Bhakti Vikasa Swami. Maharaj was present on that occasion through Zoom, while Divya-prabandha das performed yajna in Daruvar in front of the newly initiated.

Apart from bh. Matko and bhn. Sandra initiations were given to two other devotees from Ukraine who came from their home country only for this purpose.


Birth and death are two inevitable events for all living beings in the material world. Thus, in addition to the above-mentioned good news about births, we also have one, never pleasant, and that is leaving the body of Mataji Mirna. The cremation on Mirogoj was attended by several devotees from Zagreb. Bhavada das sang bhajans and Ayodhya-deva das gave a short speech on the subject of the immortality of the soul.

We wish her the blessings of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada for a successful continuation of Krishna's journey!


Two young devotees from the temple, bh. Kristian and bh. Kenan had the opportunity to experience their first traveling sankirtan adventure, which was first taken to Čakovec and then to Pula by Vaikuntha-murti das. They were joined by Israeli sankirtan guerrilla Nirguna das. The four of them distributed 240 books of Srila Prabhupada together!


Further reinforcement of the sankirtan mission, especially in the field of book distribution, appeared in the form of two transcendental brahmacari brothers - Ameyatma das and bhakta Andrei - sent to us by their spiritual master Bhakti Vikasa Swami.


Vaikuntha-murti das and Nirguna das, and devotees from Russia - Ameyatma das and bh. Andrei - set out on their second sankirtan journey this month. Associated with the local sankirtan legend, Jagat-pujya das, 330 books by Srila Prabhupada were distributed in Osijek on that occasion!


Markandeya-rsi das and Mrgendra das spent two weeks on an exciting harinam tour with Bhakti Anand Tirtha Maharaja.


Although we put more emphasis on sankirtan, ie book distribution, this month, we still managed to keep the harinam fire burning.


This month has proven to be very successful in many ways, and we are most pleased that it has been the same in terms of book distribution results. We had as many as three sankirtan tours; sankirtan training was given to four young devotees, and an almost twofold increase in the results of the books distributed was achieved.

2000 books were distributed in July!

We would especially commend and ask for your blessings for their successful continuation of service in the sankirtan mission, bh. Antonio, bh. Kenan, bh. Mario and bhn. Kristina.


With the help of Northern European BBT, we printed two palettes of sets of the original English edition of Srimad Bhagavatam in English. The books are available in the Zagreb temple at the popular price of 2,200 kuna. Only 56 sets left!

Contact person:  Vraja Mandali Priya devi dasi, 091 562 64 62,


The month of Bhadra (September) is approaching. It is said that whoever places the Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam on the golden throne in that month on the Day of the Full Moon (Bhadra-purnima) and bestows it on someone reaches the supreme transcendental destination (SB 12.13.13).
That unique and special day is coming very soon. Specifically, September 20, 2021. We aim to link this major event to fundraising for parking. We remind you that the parking lot is in an almost unusable condition and urgently needs renovation.

Devarsi Narada das forms a team of devotees who would make an effort to contact almost all our members, friends and well-wishers by phone and offer them the first and second chants in the Croatian language. Of course, you don’t have to wait for an invitation, but order your copies right now that you will adore and give away that day.

We invite you all to the Srimad Bhagavatam worship ceremony which will take place in the temple in the morning, 20.9.2021.


In the last Edition you could read how the temple was filled (and continues to be filled) with young sankirtan forces. Also, young devotees in the congregation became active and, in addition to more frequent visits to temple programs, became more involved in many services and naturally took on more and more responsibilities in the temple and community. So we held a seven-day ‘School of Bhakti Yoga’ for them where they had the opportunity to learn a lot about the necessary philosophical foundations of bhakti-yoga as well as about their practical applications in the temple but also at home.

Classes were led by Vaikuntha-murti das who, together with other lecturers, will continue to give lectures on weekends.


Wood worth 18,000 kn arrived so that we could keep the temple warm and comfortable to stay in the winter.


Club 108: Regular and steady donations can greatly help in raising the quality of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai worship in the temple. Join the Club with monthly donations in the amount of 108 kuna. Many devotees use a standing order that anyone, based on a checking account, can open in their bank so that the payment is automatically made to the temple account each month. Contact for information and assistance in opening a standing order: Devarsi Narada das, 0913490702.

Bhoga for the deities: If you have a brahminical initiation, you can prepare a dish like candy at home and bring it to the temple so that it can be offered for the dinner of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

Altar: Finally, after a long time, almost all the services at the altar, even the most demanding ones, such as the morning puja, are completely covered. In this way, the temple devotees missionaries are freed from the unpleasant feeling of pressure and can devote themselves to preaching with greater quantity, but also quality, which can be seen in the result. Anyway, all of you who want and can get involved in the temple worship of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, this opportunity is here for you, and we also offer personal education around all the altar services.

On this occasion, we would commend Dhanvantari dasa, Jayanti devi dasi and Sasini devi dasi who have taken advantage of this and have regular service for the deities in the temple.

Needs of devotees: We want all devotees, the inhabitants of the temple, to continue to serve peacefully and contentedly with a calm mind. Especially sankirtan devotees who go out almost every day require quality and comfortable clothes and shoes, thermos bottles, bags and carts, etc. With your donations, specifically for this purpose, you can help us provide them with this.

We would like to take this opportunity to praise Cintamani-dhama devi dasi and Satya-sandha dasa, Sasini devi dasi and bhn. Snežana who regularly, every month, serve in this way with their significant and generous donations.

Unless otherwise stated, the contact person for all services is Vaikuntha-murti das, 097 68 108 68.


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