(JUNE 2021.)



On an astrologically auspicious day, in the temple room, a Vedic yajna was performed on the occasion of giving the name to the newborn daughter of Sumitra devi dasa and Tirtha-sevana dasa. Since the little girl was born right on Nrsimha-caturdasa (the day of the appearance of Lord Nrsimhadeva) she was solemnly given an apt name: Narasimhi. In the presence of many devotees and relatives, the yajna was led by our dear brahmana-vaishnava, Divya-prabandha das.


Seven-year-old girls Lilit and Radha, who have now already started small school to prepare for the first grade of primary school, also took the opportunity to attend the “small temple school sadhana”. In a few days while staying in the temple, attending almost all morning and evening programs, they gained significant experience of living in the temple and developed an attraction to singing and dancing, picking flowers for Krishna and making garlands for deities and many other services and services. In the second episode of the school, little devotees and their captain Devarsi Narada das set up a real small camp on the temple meadow, thus perfectly combining good fun and almost complete attendance of the sadhana of the temple devotees. They are looking forward to other children joining them!

If you also want to send your child (ages 6 to 10) on an adventure like this, you can contact Devarsi Narada das on 091 / 349-0702.


After a long time, the world-famous 'Harinama Ruci' traveling group, led by Visnujana dasa from Slovakia, this time specially empowered by the presence of His Holiness Maha Visnu Swami, visited Zagreb and stayed in the temple. In addition to Maharaja and Visnujan, the rest of the team consisted of two other devotees - bhakta Vedran from Split (son of Mataji Ekangini) and Jivananda das from Slovakia. We feel especially grateful for the invaluable kirtan experience with Maharaja and the wonderful lectures he has given on two occasions. During their stay we held three joint harinas in which we distributed over 100 books!


In June we were visited again by Candramauli Swami who inevitably honors us with his excellent lectures and ecstatic kirtans.


After a long time, Kadamba Kanana Swami visited us together with his harinam team of three other devotees with whom he has been traveling around Croatia lately and holding harinamas. During the three-day visit, Maharaj gave two morning lectures at the temple, a program for new people in the city, and an evening maha-harinam.


The temple began to fill with new forces of the Sankirtan movement, especially the youth, who, in the words of Srila Prabhupada from the 6th chant of Srimad Bhagavatam, are ready to "sacrifice their lives to revive God consciousness throughout the world." So, this month, three of them came to live in the temple - Bh. Kenan from Sarajevo, Bh. Kristian from Bjelovar and Bh. Antonio - and three more devotees are on their way, which we hope will hear about in the next issue. We wish them all the blessings to successfully master the training and over time begin to take on increasing responsibility for spreading the Movement around the world!

In this way, "we therefore invite all men and women advanced in knowledge to join the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement and sacrifice their lives for the great cause of reviving the God consciousness of human society." (SB 6.10.6p)


We visited devotees and our friends in Istria and held three programs together with them. We were joined by Adhata das as well as one young man, Kristian, who soon after joined the temple full-time where he still serves very nicely. Some books were also distributed. On the way back we couldn’t help but stop at the home of sankirtan legend Narayan-pandit das and his wife Gopi-gita mataji to ask for blessings for sankirtan.


Three completely new people attended the Krishna Lounge Special program with Kadamba Kanana Swami, and one book by Srila Prabhupada was distributed.


The 19th Ratha Yatra, "Carriage Festival", was held in Rijeka. Transportation on the Zagreb-Rijeka route was eagerly sought until it was really too late for that. Thus, about 200 devotees pulled the carriage of Lord Jagannath, Balaram and Subhadra along the Rijeka Promenade and chanted the holy name loudly and danced in ecstasy. A total of 132 books were distributed, of which 109 were distributed by devotees from the Zagreb temple.


This month too we have an increase in book distribution. 793 Srila Prabhupada's transcendental books were distributed in June.

We would like to take this opportunity to especially praise bhaktin Kristina who lately has been increasingly daring, in addition to harinams, to dedicate herself to sankirtana, ie the distribution of books. So in one unstoppable rush she distributed over ten books!


Thanks to the presence of the already mentioned Harinam Ruci team, the harinam team of Kadamba Kanana Swami, another smaller group of two brahmacari from America, Krsna-krpa das and Acarya-nistha das and the regular Monthly Sankirtan Festival, the month of June was marked by (almost daily) harinama.


19 devotees gathered on the occasion of another harinam and sankirtan safari in the heart of the city of Čakovec, which that Saturday was full of people, stands and facilities on the occasion of the City Day. 35 books and 120 biscuit-prasadam packets prepared by Sadhu Mati Sakhi devi dasi were distributed. The books were distributed by Lomancita das, Bh. Nenad and Hema-gauri devi dasi, and for the first time in sankirtana, infected with the enthusiasm of Bh. Nenad, Bh. Antonio also tried. Many people from Međimurje were surprised and attracted to the devotees who sang and danced especially enthusiastically. “This was the most beautiful harinam so far,” Seva-kunja devi dasi commented. In the end we went to Mahananda dasa in 'Govinda eco village cheerful' where the host treated us to excellent prasadam specialties.


The following is an interview Devarsi Narada das conducted with Devarsi Narada das.


Dear Devarsi Narada das, you have decided to go for a more intensive campaign to raise funds for the parking lot in front of the Zagreb temple.

Devarsi Narada das:

Yes, now is the turning point, because we have reached a point in fundraising after which we can start speeding up the process. Namely, at the moment we have HRK 50,023.30 in the account for capital projects and the ideal moment is to slowly contact the contractors, start collecting suggestions for the visual appearance (eg Gaura-sakti das is very enthusiastic to participate in the lighting proposal), as well as accelerating and finalizing the conclusion of the complete financial construction.


How much do you think more money needs to be raised?

Devarsi Narada das:

The original offer, which was made two years ago, was around 240,000 KN. These are approximately more or less similar bids from three bidders. Of course, this can still increase by some 20 to 30%. But, in the first phase, we would now pave the front, western part of the parking lot, which would amount to about 120,000 KN. And in the second phase, they would then raise funds for the back, east section and the children’s playground. The children's playground is not included in these 240,000 KN.


How much time do you think it will take to raise the remaining 70,000 KN for the first phase?

Devarsi Narada das:

I sincerely hope that before the first snows, in the fall, we could already realize that first phase. We think very intensively, if we fail to collect the rest of the amount by the end of autumn, maybe even take a smaller loan and pay it back in the very near future, because I personally think that now semi-usable parking for the winter will be completely unusable. We will have to hurry as much as we know and can. Immediately after the Ratha-yatra, at the beginning of the ninth month, all our members can begin to expect a telephone call from the temple to inquire how much anyone can contribute to this important and, at this moment, most important project.


Thank you Devarsi Narada das for the interview. I am sure that you will succeed in your intention and raise all the funds by the end of autumn, because so far the members of the International Krishna Consciousness Society have always responded to such actions and the projects have been realized according to plan.

Devarsi Narada das:

Thank you Devarsi Narada das for your interest and questions. Yes, I am also sure that there will be a great turnout and that we will all be able to complete the parking lot by the end of autumn. No one is happy to destroy a car while coming to a program at the temple. We remind you that you can still pay your donations to the account for capital projects: HR5623400091510955126.


The good news is coming to us from the new city administration! Namely, the City of Zagreb approved the 6th Ratha Yatra. On Saturday, September 4, 2021, the carriages of Mr. Jaganath, Baladeva and Subhadra will once again pass through the center of Zagreb with songs, dances and colorful carriages, during the ZegeVege fair, when 10,000 people are circulating there at that time. Festivals have their costs. They amount to about 19,500 KN, so we ask all devotees and friends to help us cover this cost now by paying into the account HR1123400091110102369 opened in Privredna banka with the indication, "Ratha Yatra". You can also give your contributions directly to the temple president Vaikuntha-murti das, the organizer of the festival Devarsi Narada das or the coordinator of the festival Dinadayadri devi dasi. We invite you to come in as many numbers as possible and bring your friends and relatives. We will publish additional information soon.


Club 108: Regular and steady donations can greatly help raise the quality of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai worship in the temple. Join the Club with monthly donations in the amount of 108 kuna (and maybe the same amount in euros :). Many devotees use a standing order that anyone, based on a checking account, can open in a bank so that the payment is automatically made to the temple account each month. Contact for information and assistance in opening a standing order: Devarsi Narada das, 091/3490702.

Bhoga for the deities: If you have a brahminical initiation, you can prepare a dish like candy at home and bring it to the temple so that it can be offered for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai's dinner. Jayanti devi dasi does this regularly on Mondays and Fridays.

Earrings for small Sri Sri Gaura Nitai: We are short of small earrings for Gauranga and Nityananda. Such earrings can be bought in stores like C&A, H&M, Orsey, Muller, etc. Note that it is necessary to have two pairs (for Gauranga and Nityananda, two each). For advice on color and type please contact Vraja Mandali Priya devi dasi on 091/5626462.

Altar: All services at the altar in the temple are completely covered and finally, after a long time, there is no stress around them and our missionaries can dedicate themselves to preaching with greater quantity but also quality. However, for all who wish and can engage in the temple worship of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai, this opportunity is there for you, and we also offer personal education around all altar services. On this occasion, we would like to praise Sasini devi dasi who took advantage of that and now serves the deities in the temple every day for several hours.

Cooking in teams: The idea is to organize devotees in teams, such as: disciples of a common guru, devotees from other yatra's, young devotees, etc. who would take full responsibility for cooking Sunday feasts and festivals. If you want to do this great service for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and devotees and have a good time in Krishna consciousness and learn new cooking skills, you can contact Gaura-mitra dasa on 091 750 63 90.

PHOTO (young boy and Gaura-mitra)

Refrigerator market: We discovered a “trick” on how to get a bunch of free fruits and vegetables for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. Namely, on Slavonska Avenue there is a Wholesale Market, known as "Hladnjača", where, knowing a few simple tricks, you can find large quantities of fruits and vegetables for free! Very often the entire trunk can be filled with completely free groceries. With this, we have the opportunity to reduce the costs of purchasing fruits and vegetables to zero. Anyway, we need your help. Once a week or a month you can perform this action and it will only cost you some of your time because the temple pays for the fuel. By doing so you can greatly enable temple devotees more engagement around preaching.

Needs of devotees: We want all devotees, the inhabitants of the temple, to continue to serve peacefully and contentedly with a calm mind. Especially sankirtan devotees who go out almost every day require quality and comfortable clothes and shoes, thermos bottles, bags and carts, etc. With your donations, specifically for this purpose, you can help us provide them with this. We would like to take this opportunity to praise Cintamani-dhama devi dasi and Satya-sandha dasa who regularly, every month, serve in this way with their significant and generous donations.

Unless otherwise stated, the contact person for all services is

Vaikuntha-murti das, 097 / 68 108 68.


Podsjećamo da donacije možete uplatiti i preko Paypala, email:

klub 108

Donacije za hram ili za Klub 108 mozete uplatiti na IBAN: HR1123400091110102369.

kapitalni projekti

Donacije za izgradnju parkinga ili druge kapitalne projekte možete uplatiti na IBAN: HR5623400091510955126.


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