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Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers of ISKCON Zagreb New Jaladuta temple,

Please accept our humble obeisance's,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

In front of you is the 23rd issue of the May Newsletter. We bring you many interesting things.

You will notice that from this issue there is no more section with thanks. Namely, lately, more and more devotees and our well-wishers, both with their donations and much-needed services, are getting involved in the service in various ways. Following all this has become very demanding. In addition, we strongly feel that we are doing a greater injustice if we do not thank only one person who has passed under our radar, but that we are especially grateful to many others. We are sure that Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Srila Prabhupada see and reward the contribution of each devotee. Please continue to be a role model and inspiration to everyone!

Your servants from New Jaladuta


We are honored that His Holiness Candramauli Swami Maharaj decided to hold an initiation ceremony for ten of his disciples right in our temple. We are very happy that the candidates had the opportunity to experience the ceremonial experience of initiation and sacrificial fire in the physical presence of their guru, instead of it happening, as has been the case in many cases lately, over the internet.

The first initiation was given to:

Vrndavana Dhama das (Vivek Gupta, m. Anjali, UK)
Vrndavana Natha das (Vivek Gupta, m. Anshu, UK)
Satyabhama devi dasi (Anjali Gupta, UK)
Ananda Vrndavana devi dasi (Anshu Gupta, UK)
Maha Laksmi Dhama devi dasi (Tatjana Vrtovec, SLO)
Nrsingha Lila devi dasi (Natasa Mijic, CRO)

The second initiation was given to:

Dhanvantari das (CRO)
Avadhuta Nitai das (CRO)
Bhakta Vatsala Nitai das (SLO)
Manjuali devi dasi (CRO)

See all photos here >>


The expansion of Zagreb's narrower and wider yatra continues, this time doubling. Thus, in May, two beautiful souls appeared in Zagreb in the families of wonderful devotees. Little Narasimhi appeared in the family of Sumitra devi dasi and Tirtha-sevana dasa, and Gandharvika in the family of Surya-kanya devi dasi and Avadhuta Nitai dasa. Let us offer our prayers and blessings for all the benefits on their path to Krishna!


The existing Facebook page has been shut down, and in time a new one will open, content-wise adapted to preaching to “new” people. We moved the live lectures to the YouTube channel 'ISKCON Zagreb LIVE'.


The first part of the seminar on Vedic social organization, Varnasrama-dharma, was held in the temple. The presenter was Vaikuntha-murti das.

We would like to point out that on that occasion, two completely "new" people came to the temple, one of whom was from sankirtana.


Every holiday, even a non-Vaishnava holiday, is an opportunity for devotees to gather and celebrate Krishna. So it was for Labor Day. About 15 devotees from Zagreb and the surrounding area enthusiastically chanted on the meadow in Maksimir Park. Their loud chanting also attracted a few “random” passers-by, and even more of them, when the devotees began to share the prasadam they had prepared at home to share with others.


Kristina's regular home programs this month attracted two completely "new" young people. The discussion lasted for a full two hours and there were a lot of questions. According to the devotee's, this was one of the best programs of its kind. We also distributed one book.


In May, 577 transcendental books of Srila Prabhupada were distributed.


With bhajans, a film screening, a short lecture and prasadam, the temple devotees associated with our young sympathizers and novice devotees. Several of them began to spend the night regularly and do services in the temple.


Suvarna-bindu das, Lomancita das, Markandeya-rsi das and Bhakta Matko traveled to Pula for a short harinam-sankirtan tour. Three programs were held at the temple, one specifically for “new” people.

It is interesting to note that the two programs were visited by a young man who spent a few days in our temple very soon after, and is currently on his way to join the Movement full-time. We pray for your blessings that maya may not answer him from this in the meantime!

Another interesting thing, we would point out, was the encounter with the Yugo-sankirtana legend, Daivi-sakti devi dasi, from whom Lomancita dasa received great blessings in terms of valuable instructions for sankirtan. Perhaps in part because of this, 110 books by Srila Prabhupada were distributed on this journey!

On their return, the devotees visited Mr. Toni (the temple master) at his cottage near Crikvenica. Tony's cousin met the devotees for the first time.


This month, several regular harinamas were held in Zagreb, and two maha-harinamas were held on the visiting field, in Čakovec.


The May MSF, due to the departure of temple devotees to Pula, was reflected in a somewhat more modest edition. However, some books were distributed: 40 books and about 100 packets of prasadam.


In the company of our especially dear and esteemed guest, Candramauli Swami, over 100 devotees marked the Nrsimha-caturdasi festival. Maharaj gave a lecture and led an ecstatic kirtan and stayed up late at night talking to devotees in the hallway.

In addition to Maharaja, we especially thank a group of four freshly initiated devotees, Maharaja's disciples from U.K. - Vrndavana Dhama das, Vrndavana Natha das, Satyabhama devi dasi, Ananda Vrndavana devi dasi - who sponsored and, with the help of Gaura-mitra dasa, cooked an irresistible feast. Of course, we also attribute the credit for such a successful festival to the abhisek team, the team for making flower arrangements, donors and everyone who magnified the festival in the slightest way.

We would like to point out that this festival was marked by an atmosphere of special enthusiasm with the enthusiasm of many devotees who especially decorated this festival with their unstoppable efforts. There were a dozen of them in the kitchen at one point, completely preoccupied with the service. They were so enthusiastic that we had to close the doors and windows, because their loud singing and banging of pots and lids echoed all over the temple, but also the neighborhood.

One person visited our temple for the first time, and several books were distributed.


By recent decision of the GBC representative, His Holiness Prahladananda Swami, Vaikuntha-murti das was assigned the service of temple president. We wish him all the luck and blessings for successful service!


Club 108: Regular and steady donations can greatly help in raising the quality of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai worship in the temple. Join the Club with monthly donations in the amount of (at least) 108 kuna (also possible the same amount in euros :). Many devotees use a standing order that anyone, based on a current bank account, can open in a bank to make a payment automatically made to a temple account each month. Contact for information and assistance in opening a standing order: Devarsi Narada das, 091 349 07 02.

Bhoga for deities: If you have a Brahmanical initiation, you can prepare a dish like sweets at home and bring it to the temple so that it can be offered for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai's dinner. Jayanti devi dasi does this regularly on Mondays and Fridays.

Earrings for small Sri Sri Gaura Nitai: We are short of small earrings for Gauranga and Nityananda. Such earrings can be bought in stores like C&A, H&M, Orsey, Muller, etc. Note that it is necessary to have two pairs (for Gauranga and Nityananda, two each). Contact: Vraja Mandali Priya devi dasi, 091 562 64 62.

Procurement of fruits and vegetables from Hladnjača: On Slavonska Avenue (near Heinzelova Street) there is a Wholesale Market, known as "Hladnjača", where you can very conveniently, and very often, knowing a few simple tricks, find large quantities of fruits and vegetables for free. Very often the entire car trunk can be filled with completely free groceries. Once a week or a month you can perform this action and it will only cost you some of your time because the temple pays for the fuel. By doing so, you can greatly allow temple devotees more engagement around preaching. Not only that, but if a sufficient number of devotees are involved, the temple costs of procuring fruits and vegetables could be reduced to zero.

Furniture: The furniture in the temple rooms is dilapidated and non-functional. If you have somewhat preserved and functional furniture that is looking for a new home, we will be happy to accommodate it. Anyway, please send photos first.

Needs of devotees: We want all devotees, the inhabitants of the temple, to continue to serve comfortably and contentedly with a peaceful mind. Especially sankirtan devotees who go out almost every day require quality and comfortable clothes and shoes, thermos bottles, bags and carts, etc. With your donations, specifically for this purpose, you can help us provide them with this. We would like to take this opportunity to praise Cintamani-dhama devi dasi and Satya-sandha dasa who regularly, every month, serve in this way with their significant and generous donations. 

Unless otherwise stated, the contact person for all services is
Vaikuntha-murti das, 097 68 108 68.


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