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Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers of ISKCON Zagreb Temple Nova Jaladuta,
Please accept our humble obeisance's,
All glories to Srila Prabhupada! 

In front of you is the 22nd issue of the April Bilten. 

Your servants from Nova Jaladuta


After one and a half years of struggling with many challenges and obstacles, in April this “saga” ended successfully. Namely, the first thing to do was to find qualified, but also available professional for the final installment. We have been waiting for a long time for additional parts from specialty stores that never to come. The Covid situation made the whole process even more difficult, and in the end we had to wait for suitable dry weather, as the snow returned to us in April.

The water temperature that this system now achieves can reach up to 55 degrees Celsius. There is no doubt that this investment will pay off greatly, both financially and in terms of reducing services related to the heating and maintenance of furnaces.

Although the system provides hot water even during cloudy days, the plan is to install another device, something like an eclectic water heater, to further reduce costs and engagement around the stove. The approximate calculation is that, even in the case of a lot of cloudy days, the operating cost of this device would be 9 kuna per day.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who, with their generous donations, made this project possible. We especially thank Devarsi Narada das as the main bearer of the project, and in the "fight" with the workers at one point he was joined by Nandisvara das whom we also thank. Thank you all for your patience.

Since this project is now fully financially completed, all your future funding for the capital works will go exclusively to the parking lot which is already reaching a critical moment of use.


Devotee Irena Stipišić became Vraja Mandali Priya devi dasi. His Holiness Indradyumna Swami Maharaj gave her this beautiful name and the opening of a new chapter in the book of her spiritual life. The initiation took place on the auspicious day of Srila Ramanujacarya's appearance, via Zoom.


Two students from the Film Academy, David and Dora, spent two days and a night in the temple gathering materials for a documentary film for their study purposes. This was supposed to be their first work of this kind. The main characters who played "guinea pigs" were devotee Matko and devotee Gauranga who were constantly in the camera footage of Dora and David. The lifestyle as well as the answers to many questions of the devotees greatly impressed these two students.

It is interesting how David and Dora even came up with the idea to film Hare Krishna. Namely, one afternoon David was looking for suitable candidates for his project on the street when he stopped among many passers-by Mataji Yasoda devi dasi who was very enthusiastically ready to satisfy his curiosity as well as take the opportunity to tell David that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Hearing about the "Indian God" and the temple on the hill, we immediately became interesting to David. So shortly after their meeting these two students ended up in our temple.


Srimad Bhagavatam’s daily live lectures online through the temple’s Facebook page have borne fruit. Namely, one of our viewers, Mirel, contacted us with a message that he wanted to get to know us better and become Hare Krishna. Vaikuntha-murti das and bhakta Gauranga knocked on Mirel's door shortly afterwards. The host humbly asked questions and wrote down the answers in a notebook. Devotees taught him the basics of practicing Krishna consciousness at home; How to chant on japa beads, how to offer food to the Lord and at which times of the day to celebrate the guru and the Gauranga. Bh. Mirel bought a Bhagavad-gita and a japa and made a wonderful donation of fresh fruits and vegetables for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. We ask all Vaishnavas who are reading this to shower their blessings to Mirel for the most successful progress in Krishna-conscious spiritual life!



We continued to hold regular Saturday harinamas, and we could be seen outside and during the week several times. Books and prasadam were distributed .


We held the April MSF in Karlovac. About twenty devotees went to this "safari" after a long time. While the sankirtan devotees were distributing books the other devotees sang and danced especially enthusiastically all the time. 31 transcendental books by Srila Prabhupada and 130 packets of biscuit-prasadma were distributed. In the end, we all refreshed ourselves in New Santipur Sri Sri Nitai Gauracandra Mandir, located in beautiful nature on Mrežnički Brig, where the host Raghunatha dasa hosted us very nicely, so we thank him from the bottom of our hearts. In addition to everything, Prabhu, as a top host, also made a large donation for our temple. Thank you to him for that wonderful example too!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the other devotees who made this festival possible with their valuable services. At the meeting of the pots Bhagavat das prepared rice, dhal and salad; Vaikunta-murti das fatty and juicy subjee; Gaura-mitra das cakes, fritters and halava. For the first time, Bh. Neno, Bh. Mario Cimperšak, Devarsi Narada das and Dhanvantari das took part in the MSF safari, thus further decorating it. With us in our hearts were all the devotees who could not attend the MSF this time due to illness. And of course, if it weren't for the main coordinator Hema-gauri devi dasi, we wouldn't be here either! :)


In April, 616 transcendental books of Srila Prabhupada were distributed. Almost half of it was distributed by Nayanananda das, and the rest was largely taken care of by Lomancita das and Vaikuntha-murti das and other devotees.


One Saturday we held a kirtan evening (nama-yajna) in the temple. That time we had one person for the first time in the temple.


With a opulent cultural program and in a joyful mood of service we celebrated one of our greatest festivals, Rama-navami, the Day of the Appearance of Lord Ramacandra.

The Bhajans were led by Prema-murti das and Seva-kunja devi dasi, the lecture was given by Nitai-paramananda das who also led the abhisek ceremony, and the great feast was prepared by Vaikuntha-murti das and two (Super) Mario's.

All glories to all the devotees who with their services and donations made it possible to hold this wonderful celebration.

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