Dear devotees, friends and well-wishers of ISKCON Zagreb of the Nova Jaladuta temple,
Please accept our humble obeisances,
All glory to Srila Prabhupada! 

In front of you is the 20th issue of the February Bulletin. This month has been full of exciting and interesting events which will surely be an inspiration to many of you.

Your servants from Nova Jaladuta


The beautiful image of Vrndavana and the cows that has adorned the temple room for years and reminds devotees of the spiritual world will not go to the fire, but from now on adorns the back wall of the altar, and its place was taken by a large television screen that will serve for many purposes such as showing slokas from Srimad Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita for reciting, watching and listening to Srila Prabhupada's lectures, slide projections for seminars and many other practical purposes.

With his expertise, this was made possible by Mr. Toni, who has been significantly contributing to various aspects of the technical improvement of the temple for some time. He was helped by Gaura-sakti das and Bhagavat das, and we thank them all sincerely.


In the middle of the month, the first of five parts of an interactive seminar on deity worship was held in the temple. The seminar was led by Mayapur-lila devi dasi with the support of her husband, Hrdayananda dasa. The seminar attracted many devotees from all over the County, and participants had the opportunity to learn the history of Pancaratra, the fundamental truth about Arca-vigraha and the inter-relationship of two paths - Pancaratra-vidhi and Bhagavata-vidhi. During the seminar, the devotees exchanged wonderful insights with each other and answered interesting questions such as: How to preach through temple deity worship and how to explain to someone that Deities are not just idols?

After the theoretical part, the seminar participants had the opportunity to learn how to work full Vaishnava-acaman on their own and how to clean worship equipment. In addition, they toured and got acquainted with the altar lobby and its contents (suits, jewelry, etc.).

The education ended with socializing with prasadam.


The last two lectures from the cycle on Japa meditation were given under the guidance of Vaikuntha-murti dasa. And this time, most of those present were new and young people, just interested in Krishna consciousness. After the formal part of the lecture, the participants had the opportunity to have a kirtan experience with temple devotees, followed by prasadam and inspirational talks on various topics of Krishna consciousness.

We would like to point out that one participant, inspired by the holy name and the company of devotees, decided to embark on a harinam adventure in Čakovec, which you can read about below.


An initiative has been launched to improve the organization and regular maintenance of harinams in Zagreb. The results became immediately visible - a significantly higher turnout and participation of devotees in harinams, especially on Saturdays, and an increased number of distributed books and cookies than usual.

An average of 30 devotees and our friends took part in three such Saturday maha-harinams, and between 60 and 90 transcendental books by Srila Prabhupada and hundreds of packets of prasadam were distributed on each.

We would point out something really very special, and that is that after every Saturday harinam, the very next day, on Sunday, someone completely “new” and “from the street” would come to the Sunday program at the temple. One Sunday, as many as five such people visited the temple!

Sankirtan devotees who stop passers-by around harinam have noticed that the susceptibility of people to make further contact increases proportionally with the increase in the presence of enthusiastic devotees in the harinam itself. Also noticeable is the "shock" as well as the delight of passers-by with the crowd of devotees in the procession.

We invite you all to join us in even greater numbers each time!

For all information on how to get involved and support such harinams you can contact Vaikuntha-murti dasa by email:,
or cellphone: 00385-97/68-108-68.


At the invitation of Mahananda dasa, MSF and harinam teams of the Zagreb yatra, organized in seven cars, went on a mission to spread the glory of singing the holy name outside Zagreb. Thirty-three were present in the harinam lineup alone, four of whom were entirely new ISKCON sympathizers. Six devotees distributed books to passers-by, and with joint efforts they distributed an incredible 92 books in such a small area, Čakovec's Korzo. In addition to books, a pile of prasadam biscuits was distributed and several contacts were collected.

Our bh. Matko distributed Bhagavad-gita to the future mayor of Čakovec, and in return, the Čakovec media gave to bh. Matko a few minutes of media space, which he used very nicely, briefly explaining our message and mission.

After harinam, Mahananda dasa and Tivra-tapa dasa, in Plešivica they prepared beautiful and extremely tasty prasadam specialties of local Međimurje transcendental cuisine for all harinamers and sankirtaners. The classic Hare Krishna program was also held there. The Bhajans were led by Seva-kunja devi dasi, and the lecture was given by Vaikuntha-murti das. Devotees have found time to support themselves in nature.

We look forward to another transcendental trip of this kind!


Despite the epidemiological challenges, Sunday festivals in Bizek are becoming more and more attractive among both long-time practitioners and beginners, but also those who are completely new. This month, the temple was visited for the first time by 12 people. Several of them have served several times in various ways - from cleaning and shifting wood to helping in the kitchen and arranging the temple room for the festival.


As part of the Krishna Lounge, several home gatherings were held with young people, conceptually similar to the classic Krishna Lounge, but with the addition of a note of greater relaxation and freedom to start many interesting conversations.

As a result of such fellowships, several of these “new ones” ended up in the kitchen and / or on the temple floor serving. The vast majority of them have started reading Srila Prabhupada's books, and some are already chanting on their own.

krsna lounge


The Zagreb yatra got a new member, ie a member who, thanks to her pious supplies and devotional credit from past lives, by the grace of Krishna, appeared in the family of bhn. Andrea and bh. Andrej. The parents of this beautiful little soul named her Veda-jivani.

This way we wish them a lot of success in serving together!

nova članica


The title says it all. We would only add that His Holiness Krsna-ksetra Swami Maharaj is responsible for this beautiful name.

Our prayers and support for the successful service of the guru and Krsna are with her!


Temple devotees launched the mini-gundica-marjanam initiative on Mondays. On one such occasion joined them bhn. Kristina and bh. Mario. When the little hands come together, Krishna's temple can shine!

You are all welcome to join this nectar cleansing of the temple - cleansing the heart!


About 15 devotees in a modest but ecstatic way celebrated the day of the appearance of Sri Advaita-acarya. The lecture was given by Suvarna-bindu das, and light prasadam was cooked by Gaura-mitra das.

In the same way, but a week after that, the day of the appearance of Lord Varahadeva was also celebrated. The lecture was given by Lomancita das, and the beans were provided by Daya-sindhu das.


This month, with a rich cultural program and in the company of His Holiness Bhakti-ananda Tirtha Maharaja, we celebrated one of our biggest and most important festivals - Nityananda-trayodasi - the Day of the Appearance of Lord Nityananda.

It is almost impossible to mention all the devotees responsible for holding this event and to thank everyone for their precious services. However, we would like to single out two people, Dinadayadri devi dasi and Hema-gauri devi dasi, without whom it would not be possible to hold such a beautiful festival and who, with their enormous efforts, sacrifice and day-night thinking on how to best serve Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Their devotees have indebted us all and we are very grateful to them for that.

We strictly adhered to all prescribed principles.


Ayodhya-deva d for spending the night in the temple and the expressed will to learn all the altar services including the rather demanding puja. Also, Ayodhya-deva d is credited with the initiative to gather a deity worship team that was later taken over by Krsna-kanta d.

Bhagavat d for accepting regular services regarding the maintenance of the temple. We would highlight the renovation of the wall in the bathroom on the ground floor and the installation of hangers for jackets and coats. The plan is to set up a shoe rack.

Devotees from Bjelovar (Savitri dd, Satya-priya dd, her husband Tomislav and Krpalu Krsna d) for participating in Saturday's maha-harinam.

Daruka Vasudeva d for cooking for Krishna Lounge additional classes.

Daya-sindhu d for cooking lunch for harinam devotees.

Devarsi Narada d for responsible completion of many projects, vital for the temple and the community.

Devarsi Narada d and Dina Dayal d for transporting devotees to sankirtan.

Devarsi Narada d and Lilith for a night in the temple and common mangala-arotics and regular joint chanting.

Dhanvantari d for all his steady and regular service in the kitchen and maintenance, and special thanks to him for the donuts!

Dinadayadri dd, Lila-sakti dd, bhn. Ljerka, bhn. Irena, bhn. Irena for participating in the action of cleaning the first floor.

Dinadayadri dd for the preparation of hot tea for harinam devotees.

Divya-prabandha d for supplying the temple of ahimsa with dairy products and donating part of them. We are grateful to him and his wife for coming from Daruvar for the Saturday harinam (although they were late for the same). We wish them from the bottom of our hearts that they arrive on time for the next harinam!

Dražen bh. for re-inclusion in the heating service and everything related to it, as well as maintenance.

Gauranga bh. for visiting and staying in the temple and all the services he performed very responsibly during that period.

Gaura-mitra d for regularly cooking Sunday feasts, cooking a huge feast to Lord Nityananda, preparing ladu for sale, donating a portion of bhoga and much more. Thanks also to him for cooking so much nectar-shak for the festival that we ate to the next five days.

Hema-gauri dd, Manju-bhasini dd, bhn. Ploa and Fani for decorating the temple room before the festival.

Ivan Armano bh. for regularly enabling temple devotees and Tulasi devi to drink fresh spring water.

Ivana bhn. from Opatija for a visit and overnight in the temple and a kind donation.

Juraj bh. for providing a parking space in the center for the needs of going out in harinam and sankirtan.

Kala d and his wife Sandra for a large and detailed cleaning of the temple room and for a kind donation.

Kristina bhn. for the kind service of transporting the matajis from the harinam to the temple. Thanks to her, as well as to bh. Mario for the large donations they regularly give for the sankirtan mission.

Krpalu-krsna d for photography in harinam and many services related to digital and web design (posters, diplomas, etc.).

Krsna-kanta d on great enthusiasm, determination and patience in leading the Gaura-Nitai team and personal service at the altar, sometimes several times a week.

Lila-sakti dd for staying in the temple, all services at the altar, thanks to which the temple devotees were able to dedicate themselves more to preaching engagements. We are also grateful to her for the larger donations she makes regularly, one of which was earmarked for a new bathroom faucet.

Lilith for the youngest Tulasi pujarini (this year). It is worth mentioning that Lilith, with her height, barely reaches the level of a table with worship utensils, but despite all these challenges, she adores Tulasi-devi with great determination and enthusiasm!

Lukas bh. and bh. Marko - transcendental brothers - at the all-day service for the festival and for the precious kitchen washing service after Sunday Feast.

Ljerka bhn. for a lot: Leading the Food for life project, making biscuits for sankirtan, caring for Tulasi, getting flowers, making garlands (sometimes even late into the night), participating in the first floor cleaning action, cooking for the Japa seminar, making Ladu for the program in the city and many other things.

Manju-bhasini dd for regular visits twice a week to the service of pujari assistant.

Matej Klanjčić bh. for all cleaning services after the program.

Mayapur-lila dd and Hrdayananda d on conducting education regarding deity worship and taking on other responsibilities regarding worship of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

Nada bhn. for the devoted care of watering the flowers in the temple.

Nandisvara d for cleaning heavy pots after the festival.

Narayani dd for ungrateful and not very popular, receptionist service for the festival.

Neno bh. and bh. Dražen for detailed cleaning of the furnace several times a month.

Neno bh. for delivering and donating milk to temple needs, pruning roses and many other things.

Nitai-paramananda d and abhisek team for constant and responsible performance of abhisek for festivals.

Nitai-paramananda d for donating new clothes to devotees.

Osijek yatra for hosting Suvarna-bindu dasa and sending prasadam for devotees in the temple.

Ploa bhn. and Subal bh. for cleaning and serving at festivals and participation in harinams.

Friends of the Movement Antonio and Luka to help Gaura-mitra d in the kitchen on Sundays and for the festival and to clean the floor after Sunday Feast.

Friends of the Movement Carmen, Filip, Luka and bhn. Kristina and bh. Mario washing the windows in the temple room.

Revati dd for great dedication and enthusiasm in the following: Cooking breakfast and lunch several times and offering the same; other services at the altar such as the evening service; on several occasions making over 150 sandesh for the offer of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

Sadhumati-sakhi dd for various festival engagements and organizing the production of maha-prasadam for sale. We are also grateful to her for pasta beans to Harinam people one Saturday.

Saša bh. for self-initiated washing of the kitchen after the festival and frequent floor cleaning services after prasadam.

Savitri dd to participate in several harinams per month, although coming to Zagreb "costs" a lot of time and money. We are grateful to her for the constant distribution of cookies and books.

Tivra-tapa d for spending the night in the temple, chanting together, japa, listening to Srimad Bhagavatam and all the services at the altar.

Tulasi-priya dd and Dina-dayal for cooking a wonderful breakfast and lunch for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and their servants.

Vaisnava Seva d for regular worship and for transporting devotees home after the program.

Vedanta-krt d and bhn. Jovana for services in the temple during the stay of the Maharaja and on a kind donation.

Željko Hrska bh. on voluntary service in the temple.

We most humbly apologize if we have, and certainly have, forgotten someone because their service and contribution are not so immediately visible and have therefore slipped “under the radar”.


We remind you that you can also pay donations via Paypal, email:

klub 108

Donations for the temple or for Club 108 can be paid at IBAN: HR1123400091110102369.

kapitalni projekti

Donations for construction of parking or other capital projects can be paid to IBAN: HR5623400091510955126.


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