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Dear devotees and friends,

In front of you is the last issue of the newsletter in 2020.

As expected, most of the news will be regarding the Srila Prabhupada book distributing marathon.

As a reminder, all news, as well as related photos, which you think should be published, please send to:

Extremely successful Srila Prabhupada marathon

This year's marathon was full of challenges. From the already usual covid and restrictions on gatherings to covering the necessary services in the temple so that as many temple devotees as possible can focus on the marathon. Despite everything, 3713 books were distributed.

This figure can easily be misleading, as it is only about 70 books more than last year. However, in that number are 852 Bhagavad-gita and a multitude of books of the Second Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam.

The Croatian symbol of sankirtana, Nayanananda das, returned to the first place, followed by Adhata das and Lomancita das in teamwork.

Live to give campaign

For such a successful result of the marathon and all those distributed Gitas, the world Live to give campaign is responsible, which, we remind you, aimed to distribute 2,000,000 Bhagavad-gita, and what was achieved is much more (about 2 175 000).

We proudly attribute even greater credit to our dear Adhata dasa who has especially enthusiastically and devotedly inspired many devotees and well-wishers to get involved as much as possible in various ways.

Our goal was set at 1,000 Bhagavad-gitas. We almost succeeded in that. 852 books were distributed.

The sum of all distributed Bhagavad-gitas in the last 8 years in Croatia does not reach the number distributed in this Marathon!

Živi da daješ

Food for life Zagreb

We have already written about the Food for life project in previous issue. At this point, we cannot fail to highlight the incredible efforts of Mataji Ljerka and her team of devoted devotees who mass-produced biscuits for distribution.

In December, 7,000 packets of prasadam were distributed! There are 2 biscuits in each, so that is a total of 14,000 baked and distributed biscuits.

A significant portion of these cookies were shared by Adhata das and Lomancita das who used to say, "Biscuits distribute books!" Therefore, we once again thank the FFL team immensely for this special contribution and refreshment in sankirtan.

food for life

Croatian edition of the Second Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam

After more than 20 years, the first Croatian edition of the Second Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam is before us.

Immediately after the release, there was a great interest in the book. We invite all of you who have not yet secured your copy to do so via email: You need to enter your mailing address if you want it to be mailed to you, as well as your phone number.

Translated from English by Adhika devi dasi. The editor is Suvarna-bindu das. The general index was translated by Madanalasa devi dasi. They helped Vedanta-krt das, Murari-gupta das, Evanath das, Ista-dayi das, Bhagavat das, Isvara-puri das, Priya-manjari devi dasi, Hema-gauri devi dasi and her colleagues, Bhakta Gauranga, bhakta Matko and bhakta Marin from Dubrovnik with his donations. Thanks a lot everyone!

The credit also goes to Brahma-muhurta dasa and his team from the Northern European BBT, who have been a great support to us in the production of this book.

Many thanks to Upananda dasa and Govinda hari dasa from Virovitica (Bio-rama d.o.o) who helped us in administrative matters and enabled us to print this book more cheaply, as well as many before it.

Šrimad Bhagavatam Drugo pjevanje

Visit of Bhakti-ananda Tirtha Maharaja

In December, Maharaj gave a series of morning and evening lectures at the Nova Jalauta Temple and shared with LVV his valuable experiences of community leadership and preaching in general, based on many years of experience in America.

Krishna Lounge - for epidemiological reasons the last Krishna Lounge was held in the temple. Bhakti-ananda Tirtha Maharaj also attended the program.

About 20 young people attended the program.

Krsna lounge
Bhakti Ananda Tirtha Maharaj

New Year's Eve

Srila Prabhupada once said that devotees should invent a festival, just to sing and hear about Krishna. In this spirit, we said goodbye to the old year and welcomed the new one, chanting the holy name in the company of devotees, although this event in itself means nothing to us.

The “welcome” was embellished by a special guest, Isodyana das.

Distributing prasadam to needy people

Immediately after the earthquake in Petrinja, devotees from the Oaza joyful kitchen began mass distribution of prasadam to needy people.

Govindananda das and Sadhumati-sakhi devi dasi went to Glina every day and distribute meals despite the constant shaking of the ground.

Dijeljenje prasadama

Calendar for 2021

As every year, we have prepared a special calendar for you for 2021. The theme of this edition is darshans with Sri Sri Gaura Nitai.

Secure your copy via email: .

vaišnavski kalendar 2021


Thanks to:

Divya-prabhanda d on the regular delivery of ahimsa milk and other foods for Krishna's kitchen.

Patita-pavana d, Sri Visnu-puri d and his son, Vaisnava-seva d, Govindananda d, Markandeya-rsi d, bh. Ivan Arman and Devarsi Narada d for assistance in unloading a fresh consignment of Srimad Bhagavatam.

Patita-pavana d and wife to take care of the needs of brahmacaris (clothes, shoes, supplies, etc.)

Bh Matko on heating and cleaning the whole temple from the roof to the floor and on everything else that needed to be done in the temple while the devotees were in the marathon.

Daya-sindhu d on steady cooking twice a day and on the role of a good host in the temple during a marathon.

Lila-sakti dd, which served at the altar continuously for a month, sometimes even twice a day.

Revati dd for service at the altar.

Bh Neno on regular heating of stoves and preparation of wood.

Dhanvantari d on washing dishes after the festival and helping in the kitchen.

Bh Sasha, bh Leon, bh Mario Cimperšak at the cleaning of the temple room after the festival.

The festival team (led by Dinadayadri dd) at a well-organized New Year's Eve.

Gaura-mitra d and Sadhumati-sakhi dd for cooking for festivals.

Bh Leon to help with cooking.

Indranuja d to accommodate a devotee in his home.

Bh Saša from Ploče for hospitality to preachers.

Isvara-puri d for the organization and realization of calendars.

Mr. Tony on patching up the wall, repairing the car, and countless other minor repairs around the temple.

Vaisnava seva d for regular Sunday services at the altar.


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