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Dear devotees and friends,

In front of you is the 14th issue of the newsletter for the month of August, which, otherwise known as the month of holidays and the lack of spiritual events, this year was the complete opposite. Moreover, it was one of the most spiritually intense months of the year - in terms of events, but also the response of many devotees and guests.

Writing and publishing a newsletter should be easier and more efficient from now on, as bhn Irena joins me in this, so you will be informed in time about all significant events in our yatra.

At the same time, bhn. Irena from now on is officially the secretary of ISKCON Zagreb of the Nova Jaladuta temple. 

It is still valid, if you have any news worth publishing, feel free to contact us with the text and photo, and we will be very happy to publish it. You can send them to:


At the very beginning, we were greeted by a big festival, Balarama-purnima. To the beautiful bhajans, the festival was opened by a special guest, our dear Ojasvi das. Nitai-paramananda das and his expert abhisek team bathed Lord Balarama very enthusiastically, while the occasional lecture was given by Daya-sindhu das. Despite the middle of the summer season and the holidays, the turnout was exceptional!


Some of the more important topics from the meeting of the Local Vaisnava Council, we would single out: devising a strategy for the end of this year and caring for devotees.



Despite the unpredictable situation with the corona virus, this year too the Waves of Sankirtan group dared to organize a summer Harinam tour. Until the last minute, it was uncertain when the tour would start, what the security measures would be and how people and the local community would react. 

This year's tour took place from August 1 to August 12. HH Candramauli Swami also joined in the second part of the tour. Despite all the uncertainties, this turned out to be the best tour so far. The coast was full of people who were very happy to see the devotees, who so danced and sang brought a little happiness and joy in the midst of all the panic with the covid.


The middle of the month was marked by one of the largest festivals in the tradition of Vaisnavism, Sri Krsna-janmastami. His Holiness Candramauli Swami especially honored us with his arrival. Traditionally, midnight darshan was held. Diligent devotees also prepared a multitude of small preparations.


Only a day after Janmastami, again in the company of Candramauli Maharaja, we celebrated another great festival and our most important and most significant - the day of the appearance (Vyasa-puja) of Srila Prabhupada.  Traditionally, a few devotees read their offerings to Srila Prabhupada.


Known to the people of Zagreb as the Carriage Festival, this year it was held as part of the 24th street festival 'Cest is d best'. Krishna inspired the CEST propaganda team in such a way that Ratha-yatra took all the attention and attracted a lot of media attention. In addition, in the days after the festival, social networks were flooded with footage of enthusiastic passers-by. 

The devotees wanted to take advantage of the festival mood of CEST, and led by Ojasvi das for another four days after the Ratha-yatra, they sang and danced in the maha-harinams.


Another of the largest and most important Vaishnava festivals, Radhastami, was celebrated at the end of the month. The lesson was given by Ayodya-deva d.


Devotees from the Local Vaishnava Council hung out on Sljeme by the fire and roasted corn and vegetarian skewers.


Since the month of August is also known for the abundance of plums, which are certainly not lacking in the Bizek area, the temple devotees took the opportunity to make a bunch of jams for Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai, and so the neighbors participated in their offer. Don't worry, the devotees were very careful not to get caught (we're kidding, of course) :)

pekmez za Sri Sri Gaura-Nitai


In a spontaneous morning japa-walk through the hills of Bizek, Suvarna-bindu das discovered the site of tilak-clay. With the addition of the holy water of the Ganges, Radha-kund and Gopicandan tilak from Dvaraka were also mixed, and the 'Original Croatian tilak' was created, which you can find in the temple.



In August, devotees from the Yatra Nova Jaladuta distributed 637 books. Nayanananda d, Vaikuntha-murti d, Adhata d, bh Matko and bh Gauranga stand out among the distributors.

Prepare for a pleasant surprise in the next issue, when we will inform you about the number of books distributed in September.


Many thanks to the devotees for the following services:

- Sundari dd to help around the altar in preparation for festivals.

Yasoda dd on maintaining the cleanliness of the temple. 

Sadhumati-sakhi dd and Savitri dd cooking for big festivals. 

Lila-sakti dd on the organization of altar services. 

- Vaikuntha-murti d who took responsibility and care in the temple while the bramacharis were on a preaching journey.

Isvara-puri d, Lila-sakti dd and Revati dd for taking care of the altar services. 

Bhn Natasha, bhn Sandra, bhn Irena, bhn Ljerka, bhn Larissa, Lila-sakti dd, Sasini dd, Dinadayadri dd, bhn Tonka, bh Vito and Hema-gauri dd and Bhagavat d on decorating the temple room for festivals. 

- Bhn Irena on the making of the banner Festival of India, which took her 4 hours and is a real proof of work without attachment to the result, because the same banner in the end, unfortunately, did not reach the public at all (for other reasons). Anyway, thank you very much for your effort.

- We also thank bhn Irena for organizing the 3 maha harinam after Ratha-yatra.

- Bhn Ranka, Irena and Vaikuntha-murti d on preparing prasadam for the Sunday feast, and most of all on a delicious pumpkin halva.

- The festival team (Dinadayadri dd, Hema-gauri dd, bhn Irena, Sadhumati-sakhi dd, Vaikuntha-murti d, Bhagavat d) which worked day and night in August and as a result of their work are impeccably well organized festivals for which we are all grateful.

- Sri Visnu-puri d and Keli manjari dd who made small offers for festivals.

- Dharma-rupa d on washing dishes after the festival.

- Devotees Sasha and Adhati d on translating lectures and washing the temple room and dishes after the festival.

- Isvara-puri d who stayed up late at night after the festival to clean the temple.

- Abishek teams led by Nitai-paramananda d who performed flawlessly all abhisek ceremonies at as many as four major festivals this month (Balaram-purnima, Janmastami, Vyasa-puja Srila Prabhupada and Radhastami).

- Dhanvantari d to help in the kitchen.

- Gaura-mitra d who cooked to measure for all festivals :)

- Matsya d and bhn Natasha to help with welcoming guests at festivals.

Many thanks to the entire organizing team of Ratha yartra and all the devotees for their services, and there were really many of them! Thank you to everyone who contributed in some way to the maintenance of the Ratha-yatra. Without you, this would not be possible! (Devarsi-narada d had a great desire to thank everyone individually, however, for the possibility of omitting someone (unintentionally), we will only thank in this way.) 

Thanks to the devotees who helped stack the wood: Isodhyana d, Laksmi-prya dd, Lila-sakti dd, bh Gauranga, bh Matko, Adhata d, Markandeya-rsi d, Suvarna-bindu d, Dharma-setu d (Vodice), Hridaya-gaura d, bhn Larisa, Devarsi-narada d. 

Bh Zdravko and Caitanya-mali d on donated vegetables and fruits for festivals. 

Divya-prabandha d, Bh Matko, Ragunath d for monetary donations for festivals. 

We take this opportunity to thank from the heart Rudra d who planted the garden around the temple, gave the seeds and generally launched the initiative around the garden. 

- Thanks to Nandisvara d for milling and bh Goran for the stitching and other help.


We remind you that you can also pay donations via Paypal, email:

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